RAW TRANQUILITY // In 2012 after re-settling in the Washington DC area and becoming involved in the local music scene and taking a more direct role in the activist community, life pressure increased.  Over the course of a month he recorded a series of songs as a release of built up tension.  These recordings came together as a mixtape entitled Raw Tranquility.

Memorable Quote

Agent of my people, lyricism lethal // Armed to the bone but known to be peaceful // I give you direction like a desert nomad // Listen to Quran memorize the vocab // I walk the walk and care less if you acknowledge // Impact your head this Radio drop knowledge.

Raw Tranquility was released in 2012 during the boiling point of the Occupy movement and the beginning of increased police brutality across the United States. The mixtape is pure raw emotion in lyrical form.  You can download the full project from the official Radio Rahim BandCamp page.