LET THE PEOPLE KNOW // Between 2009 and 2010, Radio Rahim linked up with Chicago’s legendary Panik of Molemen Records and crafted 14 remarkable tracks under the banner of Let The People Know.  Released in 2011 the project featured guest appearances by Musab of Rhymesayers, Amir Sulaiman, She-Rah, and Artichoke of Transit Gal Records.

Memorable Quote

I am not afraid at all to stand up for the truth // They make a raid to put me in a cell without any proof // Their scoop is carelessness how they label me a terrorist // It only embarrasses so called freedom of speech // Don’t believe a snake tongue behind white teeth.

Let The People Know was released during a transition in the life of Radio Rahim.  Moving back to the Washington DC area after several years away and re-engaging in a community he grew up in.  The album summarizes his frustrations and hopes for the future.  The album can be downloaded from the official Radio Rahim BandCamp page.