IN FULL EFFECT // In Full Effect is a product of classic boom bap production by Boston based Confidence of iLL Adrenaline Records and a mature Radio Rahim.  Recorded over a year while touring across the United States, the album is as much lyrical as it is rhythmic.  The sole guest appearance is New York heavy weight Quadir Lateef on the track Voice of America.

Memorable Quote

Hip Hop is elegant, I rep it like a delegate // Listen to the beats then I get into my element // Chillin’ in my residence, free of every pestilence // Praying for an end to Israeli settlements // People killing people just for dead presidents // Ill and illegal like police negligence // Evidence of the mess they made, a pop culture escapade // I turn it all over and revolt like a renegade.

In Full Effect is a bridge between the warmth and feel of the 90’s golden era and contemporary themes. Featuring 10 exclusive tracks from a charismatic Radio Rahim. The album can be downloaded for free from the official Radio Rahim BandCamp page.