BORNE PHOENIX // The debut solo album from Radio Rahim (Ebrahim), entitled Borne Phoenix. Recorded over a two year period, from 2003 to 2005 with DJ Kurfu and White Shadow. Guest appearances by She-Rah, Perspective, B-Raw, Mister S, Jeremy Powell and Sir Jennings. Radio Rahim was just 18 years old when the album was released.

Memorable Quote

My vision remains strong as long an intifada // Many more fighting to death just like Che Guevara // Think before you make another statement // Your survival is like a donut in a police station.

Borne Phoenix is a rough, rugged and raw underground hip hop album.  Featuring 18 exclusive tracks from a young and energetic Radio Rahim.  The album can be downloaded from the official Radio Rahim BandCamp page.